A Circle is a set of Flags.

A Circle can be a company, a transversal working group, a professional organization or an association.

For example, a tennis club may be a Circle that brings together several Flags from different companies.

In a more traditional CRM, the notion closest to a Circle is that of "Account".

With Tags, you can classify or group Circles.

You can also associate Circles with different Spots.

Attachments can be linked to Circles.


Data Entry

CRM - Edit Circle


Circle View

Circle Details


CRM - Circles Details


Circle Tags


CRM - Circle Tags


Circle Spots


CRM - Circle Spots


Circle Flags


CRM - Circle Spots


Circle Deals


CRM - Circle Spots


Circle Attachments


CRM - Circle Spots


Circles List


CRM - Circles List


Circle Fields

  • Field Name
  • Short Name
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Circle Email
  • Company ID
  • Legal and Financial Information Website URL
  • Activities



Creation Date : May 3, 2019
Update Date : June 25, 2019
Version : 008

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