A Deal may include Products to be delivered, Projects to be carried out, Services to be rendered or a combination of all or part of these different elements.

A Deal is usually materialized by an Offer that must be approved and signed by Flags.

A Deal generally has a closing date, estimated or finalized. It is also characterized by a Stage within a Sales Process.

A Deal often concerns only one Circle. It is then a concept similar to that found in some more traditional CRMs, under the name of "opportunities".

In WinTheDeals, it is also possible to link a Deal to several Circles. This is particularly useful in complex Projects, for example when setting up a group of companies to respond to a call for tenders.

Flags are linked to a Deal by a Decision-Making Power.

The Attitude and Decision-Making Power of Flags are used, in WinTheDeals, to calculate the percentage of chance (the mathematical expectation of winning) to sign a given Deal.

Folders can be linked to a Deal. They may include as many Attachments as necessary.

Attachments can also be linked to a Deal directly, without using Folders.


Data Entry

CRM - Edit Circle


Deal View

Deal Details


CRM - Circles Details


Deal Circles


CRM - Circle Tags


Deal Decision-Making Powers


CRM - Circle Spots


Folders linked to a Deal


CRM - Circle Spots


Attachments linked to a Deal


CRM - Circle Spots


Deals List


CRM - Circles List


Deal Fields

  • Deal Name
  • Closing date
  • Stage
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Description
  • Comments



Creation Date : May 24, 2019
Update Date : June 25, 2019
Version : 003

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