A Decision-Making Power is the ability a Flag has to influence a decision or directly decide in relation to a given Deal.

Decision-Making Powers are assigned a value characterizing the decision-making ability of a Flag concerning a particular Deal:

  • 100 - Very important
  • 10 - Moderately important
  • 1 - Not very important
  • 0 - None

Thus, the Decision-Making Power of a Flag may vary from one Deal to another.

The Attitude and Decision-Making Power of Flags are used, in WinTheDeals, to calculate the percentage of chance (the mathematical expectation of winning) of signing a given Deal.



Data Entry


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Decision-Making Power View

Power Details


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Decision-Making Powers of a Flag


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Decision-Making Powers associated with a Deal


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List of Decision-Making Powers


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Power Fields

  • Decision Power
  • Associated Flag
  • Associated Deal



Creation Date : June 6, 2019
Update Date : -
Version : 001

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