A Flag is a decision maker.

A Flag is any person who has decision-making Power in a Deal.

This decision-making Power is classified, Deal by Deal, in:

  • 100 - Very important
  • 10 - Moderately important
  • 1 - Not very important
  • 0 - Null

In a more traditional CRM, the closest notion to a Flag is that of "Contact".

In WinTheDeals' best practices, it is recommended to give priority to the data entry of Flags likely to have a real Decision-Making Power on possible future Deals.

The Attitude and decision-making Power of Flags are used, in WinTheDeals, to calculate the percentage of chance (mathematical expectation of winnings) to sign a particular Deal.

In the example images below, a Flag (Vincent Soumoy) is correctly documented in terms of general information and communication information. He belongs to several Circles. He manages his company (Fluids & C°), has a Partner (EnginSoft) and belongs to three associations (Association Québécoise des Technologies, Cercle d'affaires Belgique - Québec and Nafems). He frequents several Spots. He can be met at the headquarters of Fluids & C° in Montreal, at the headquarters of EnginSoft France in Paris, at the headquarters of the Association Québécoise des Technologie in Montreal, at the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium in Montreal (for the Belgium - Quebec Business Circle) and sometimes, for the little story, at the restaurant In Extremis in Epinal.

The correct selection of the Flags portfolios determines the Deals Capture Rates of WinTheDeals Users (sales representatives and business managers).

Attachments can be linked to Flags.


Data Entry

CRM - Edit Circle
CRM - Edit Circle


Flag View

Flag Details


CRM - Circles Details
CRM - Circles Details


Flag Circles


CRM - Circle Spots


Flags Spots


CRM - Circle Spots


Decision-Making Powers of a Flag


CRM - Circle Spots


Attachments associated with a Flag


CRM - Circle Spots


Flags List


CRM - Circles List


Flag Fields

  • Flag Name
  • Attitude
  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Position
  • Legal and Financial Information Website URL
  • Additional Information
  • Calls OK
  • Mobile Phone
  • Direct Phone
  • Additional Phone
  • Email
  • Additional Email
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Skype ID
  • Additional Social Network URL



Creation Date : May 16, 2019
Update Date : June 25, 2019
Version : 003

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