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  • You are, or have been, a sales professional: sales representative or sales manager…
  • And / or you are familiar with the sales processes and the optimization of a sales team.
  • And / or you are familiar with CRM or XRM tools.
  • Or you are simply a satisfied WinTheDeals user.

Our offer

You will find a description of our Partner offer below.

Partnership proposal

At the bottom of the page, a form allows you to send us your partnership proposal.


Use your Partner portal to declare and complete information about your prospects.

The reservation is effective from your first appointment documented in a visit report.

Your reservation lasts as long as your action continues and is documented.

Our philosophy is to help you sign. We win or lose together.


We provide you with a WinTheDeals XXS for your demonstrations, free of charge and throughout the duration of our partnership.

You are the only user of this WinTheDeals XXS and can customize it according to your specific needs.

Your WinTheDeals XXS demonstration behaves, in every way, like a WinTheDeals in standard production. For example, your demo data is never deleted.


At your prior request, we provide each of your prospects with a WinTheDeals XXS server, free of charge and for a period of one month.

This test server can be configured to become, without interruption, the production server of the prospect who has become a customer.

During the test, your prospect and you benefit from our usual support.


From your first customer, you will have, free of charge and for the duration of our partnership, a Zolandia XS chat to work with us.

We will assign a channel to each new customer. You can create as many topics as you want per customer.

This chat works in real time on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows and web browsers.

So we can provide you with very responsive sales support and assistance.


As soon as the customer subscribes and for a period of one year, we will commission you up to 20% of its invoiced and paid Hosting and Services revenue.

We will renew each year, by mutual agreement, this 20% commission on the turnover invoiced and paid, provided that you respect your commercial action plan.

This commercial action plan will be renewed each year, by mutual agreement, for each customer.

In particular, it may include customer visits, visit reports and customer satisfaction measurements.


If you agree and as soon as our common business volume justifies it, we will design, with you, a Marketing Plan dedicated to our partnership.

This Marketing Plan may include:

  • Videoconferences and/or face-to-face presentations.
  • Joint customer visits.
  • Comparative analyses between the possible current CRMs of your prospects and WinTheDeals.
  • Personalised arguments according to the cases of prospects you will communicate to us.
  • Case studies published on our blog.
  • Various sales support tools.

Trainers Training

If you wish, we can train your potential trainers.

The training programme and agenda will be defined by mutual agreement.

You will be able to provide and invoice your customers for EspoCRM training services.

Sales training

If you wish, we can train your potential sales representatives in the WinTheDeals sale.

The training programme and agenda will be defined by mutual agreement.

These training courses may include accompanied customer visits.

This will allow you to optimize your sales process and invoicing.


This partnership requires no prior commitment or initial investment.

You are free to terminate it at any time by simple email.

For our part, we refrain from putting an end to it without a real and serious cause.

We thus guarantee you the reward for your efforts in selling our offer and services, without any time limit.

Our philosophy is to retain our partners by leaving them free.

Partnership Proposal


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