A Sales Process is a succession of Stages to be completed in order to achieve the sales objectives.

The description of human activities using a process is very old and has often been used to "win".

For example, a maxim of the British Empire's war schools described the steps necessary to victory on the battlefield:

  • find, find the opponent,
  • fix, fix him on a given position, a "killing ground",
  • fight,
  • follow, pursue him,
  • finish, finish him.

WintheDeals allows you to define the Sales Process of your choice.

You can create, describe and order the necessary Stages.

These Stages appear in particular in the list of Deals, sometimes also called the Current Deals List.


Data Entry

CRM - Edit Circle


Stage View

Stage Details and associated Deals


CRM - Circles Details


Sales Process View


CRM - Circles List


Current Deals List


CRM - Circle Spots


Stage Fields

  • Stage Name
  • Stage Number
  • Description



Creation Date : May 29, 2019
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Version : 001

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