WinTheDeals is an integrated software suite designed to meet the information system needs of a sales force. Over time, more and more Objects such as Circles, Spots, Flags or Deals will be used and linked together. When the sales team reaches tens, hundreds or even thousands of sales representatives, the amount of data managed by the application grows exponentially.

In addition, sales representatives want to limit the time spent on the information system. They expect a good return on investment "time spent on obtained results".

One of the key points is the time required to find relevant information.

Another key point is the time required to classify and link information together.

In both cases, the efficiency of the Search system is essential to ensure the commercial Productivity of the sales team.

Find relevant information

WinTheDeals has two complementary Search functions. One is global and applies to all data accessible to a given User. The other is contextual and applies to a particular Object, for example Deals.

Example of a global Search

In the example below, the "Eberle" Search allows you to find information about this company using the WinTheDeals demonstration data. Note: for the plausibility of the example, we use a real company using publicly available data and adding totally fictitious data when necessary to illustrate our subject.


Global Search Example


As you can see, the global Search allows us to immediately find all the Objects concerned:

  • A Circle: Eberle,
  • Three Flags: Jean-Marie, Michel and Nicolas Eberle,
  • A Spot: Eberle's head office.

Example of a Search with a typographical error

WinTheDeals tolerates typing errors and saves salespeople time by eliminating the need to correct them before restarting the Search.

For the example, we will make a typo and an omission of character, so "Eberle" will be replaced by "enerl".


Search with typing error and omission


The global Search function draws our attention to a possible data entry error by highlighting the data entry in red. Nevertheless, it immediately and cleverly proposes the solutions to our Search that it considers most relevant.

  • The choice between two Circles: 45-8 Energy or Eberle,
  • The three Flags: Jean-Marie, Michel and Nicolas Eberle,
  • The choice between two Spots: Eberle or 45-8 Energy headquarters.

Use contextual Search

When global Search is not enough

For example, the "Salle blanche" Search does not find the Decision-Making Powers or Flags associated with a given Deal. In this case, this Search gives us the two Deals concerning a "Salle blanche".


Global Search - Computer Room


Contextual Search to the rescue

Here is the result obtained with the same expression "Salle blanche" using the contextual Search.


Contextual Search - Computer Room


We find the two Deals:

  • "Rénovation de la salle blanche 1,
  • Contrôle d'accès de la salle blanche 2."

But this time, we immediately see the associated Decision-Making Powers and Flags.

Let's go even further with our contextual Search, using Filters.

We repeat the same contextual Search, but this time we want to keep only the most decisive Powers, those with a value of 100.


Contextual Search with Filter


Contextual Search associated with Filters allows WinTheDeals to focus very quickly on the data requested by the User.

Classify and link information to each other

Another essential use of the Search function is the quick creation of relationships between Objects.

In this example, we will use the Circle "Association Québécoise des Technologies". We note that only one Spot is currently associated with it, in Montreal:


Spot - Montreal


We also wish to link the association's site in Quebec City with it:


Spot - Quebec - 1


Spot - Quebec - 2


Spot - Quebec - 3


Contextual Search avoids the need for the User to go through an endless list of possible connections. Such an approach is impracticable if the list contains hundreds or thousands of possibilities.


WinTheDeals takes into account the necessary Commercial Productivity of its Users. Search is an essential component of this effort.



Creation Date : July 2, 2019
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Version : 001

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