A Tag is used to group and classify different Circles.

For example, a Tag may be:

  • a group of companies: "LVMH" Tag for "LVMH Group",
  • an economical ecosystem: "Pharma" Tag for "Pharmaceutical industrial sites worldwide",
  • an arbitrary set of companies: "Lorntech" Tag for "Startups belonging to the Lorntech association".

In a more traditional CRM, the Tag notion is sometimes replaced by a hierarchy between accounts such as "Parent Company" or "Subsidiary".


Data Entry

CRM - Edit Tag


Tag View

Tag Details


CRM - Tag Details


Tag Circles


CRM - Tag Circles


Tags List


CRM - Tags List


Tag Fields

  • Tag Name
  • Short Definition
  • Definition and rules



Creation Date : May 6, 2019
Update Date : May 16, 2019
Version : 003

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